The eponymous Ann Spoyer brand is synonymous with exotic elegance. The designer's passion for travel is implemented in the design process and shows in her exquisite creations. Ann's profound love of culture and beauty as well as her Spanish and East Indian heritage, are reflected in her choices of fabrics and cut. Her style is described as preppy-bohemian luxe in a rich color palette and ethnic details. Ann uses luxury colorful fabrics of natural fibers often decorated with elegantly embroidered designs and/or prints.
Ann Spoyer's understanding of fashion history and tailoring is often seen in her work. She creates feminine looks for the style-conscious woman.
Ann was born into the world of fashion. Her mother was a pioneer in the fashion world in Mumbai. Ann started sewing and pattern making at an early age (9 years) while "attending" tailoring classes run by her mother. Ann holds a degree in fashion design from Ryerson University, Toronto. Since 1994, Ann has honed her skills while working with some of New York's biggest fashion labels. Ann lives and works in New York.